Apple TV’s biggest news is not about content, it’s about screens. You can look everywhere

Apple rolled out its highly anticipated video streaming service Apple TV + yesterday. A large selection of celebrities from the A-List appeared on stage, showing that Apple would produce with an estimated production budget of one billion dollars. Despite all the celebrities, the actual flesh of the announcement had nothing to do with Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg or Oprah Winfrey. It had everything to do with Apple’s conversion to abandon its video streaming device strategy and bring Apple TV + as a seamless pre-installed integrated application anywhere on Smart TVs. There can be no doubt that yesterday’s announcement will disrupt the dynamics of video performance from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and now Apple (soon to Disney). Creating at least $ 1 billion worth of content is not enough to guarantee success in the crowded video streaming market. Consumers are already overwhelmed by their content choices. This was confirmed by Apple executives in their prestigious presentation at the Steve Jobs Theater. Apple is pushing for video streaming to acknowledge the reality that content is important but does not distinguish a vendor in today’s marketplace alone. A viable new entrant would need to do more than just offer more unique content. It has to disrupt the model and provide a better user experience. The new Apple TV app and Apple TV + aim to do just that by helping users “spend less time looking for and spending more time, Apple says. “At the heart of this announcement is the entry into the smart TV market, moving beyond Apple’s own device ecosystem to become the ubiquitous video platform for every consumer. Apple clearly recognized the reality that streaming users do not want to be committed to a device. In fact, Apple TV has established itself near the preferred streaming methods.

Not only did Apple want to see it in a growing variety of screens, but it also rightly found in its product that revealed this week that streaming users also do not want to see or pay for hundreds of channels of irrelevant content. Although the details are still limited, it seems Apple TV + will allow users to curate their own “thin packages” and take them everywhere. An interesting note was added towards the end of Apple’s release, which led directly to the access point: unlike some streaming service providers, all Apple TV + content will be available online and offline, with every content downloadable. The same goes for Apple Arcade, which is huge news for mobile gamers.


As Apple’s product leaders have proclaimed, Apple TV + has a clear mission to “define the commitment to storytelling on every screen of your life.” While there are still some unanswered questions about pricing, etc., the company is trying to gain access For Apple TV outside of Apple devices, which already reach a billion consumers, the company is clearly a major change. By cracking the skinny bundle code and providing consumers with a unique and holistic video streaming ecosystem, Apple may become one of the industry’s biggest disruptions to streaming video.


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