The Sonos One Smart speaker is cheaper than ever before at Best Buy

There are a number of deals that are worth sharing with the latest Best Buy flash offer that ends later. The first generation Sonos One Smart speaker costs $ 149.99 at Best Buy. The newer version of the Sonos One has a faster processor and more memory. This should be a more sustainable option. However, the sound performance of the original model should not be completely different. So if you want to save money with Sonos speakers, this is a very cheap deal. The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro console includes the PlayStation Classic mini console that you can purchase. The console from Sony rarely sees any kind of promotion, and while this is not a price cut, this is a great addition if you want to watch PlayStation’s 32-bit roots. This model features a 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory. At this price, it is cheaper (and faster, with a larger hard drive) than the base model of the 2018 MacBook Air. The Gear Fit 2 Pro Fitness Tracker from 2018 is at Best Buy today at € 79.99. It was launched in 2017 for $ 199.99. Although it is a bit old, at this price it is a solid option if you are looking for a tracker with integrated GPS and swimming and step tracking.


Best Buy offers up to $ 300 discount on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max when you activate it with Verizon or AT & T and commit to monthly payments. This offer only applies to the 256 GB and 512 GB models, which can save you $ 200 and $ 300, respectively. For example, for 24 months, the iPhone XS costs $ 39.58 per month on Verizon instead of $ 47.92 with 256 GB of storage. At AT & T’s for 30 months, $ 31.66 instead of $ 38.34.

PC players can now play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in first-person mode

As previously reported, PC gamers can enjoy the latest Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild via the Nintendo WiiU emulator CEMU. The game is running at glorious 60fps and a new mod has been released to allow a first-person view.


This mod allows a first-person viewpoint, but changes to third-person combat or climbing. This was done to facilitate the fight against several opponents and the climbing of rocks or other places. Nevertheless, players can freely switch to first-person mode during the fight, and combat mechanics seems to work perfectly in this new position.


It’s also worth noting that this mod has three FOV modes. DefaultFOV is the regular and recommended FOV for PC users, whereas WiderFOV can see more around you (it tends to make objects in the distance more pixels than the other options). Last but not least, Narrower FOV allows you to see less around you (it works best for PC users and makes the game less pixelated).


This is a really amazing mod and we strongly recommend downloading it if you want to play Breath of the Wild. Interested parties can download the mod here.

Apple: Can profits continue to rise?

The US markets have reached an all-time high in recent weeks and the shares of technology giant Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) have made a dramatic comeback. Despite a difficult ending in 2018, which put the stock in a tailspin, investors looking to the future pulled back their stocks to around $ 25 at the all-time high last week. With an increase of more than 30% since the January report, this week’s earnings report will determine whether the rally can continue. Road estimates currently call for sales of $ 57.44 billion and EPS of $ 2.36, compared to $ 61.14 billion of $ 2.73 for the same period last year. Analysts are forecasting a 6.1% decline in sales, but still above the mid-range of management’s estimates of $ 55-59 billion. Some margin pressure, additional operating expenses and a higher tax rate are impacting net income, but EPS pressure is somewhat aided by the company’s massive buyback.


Investors will first and foremost want to see whether the various factors that led to the first quarter’s revenue shortfall have improved in recent months. First, did price cuts and slightly improved trading relationships help China sales recover, especially in relation to the iPhone? The only problem that remains a problem is the stronger US dollar, as the chart below shows that the dollar currency index has recently reached new highs for the year. Management has taken steps to improve sales by accelerating its iPhone trade-in program around the world. But have the emerging economies abided?

Galaxy Note 10 Pro Leak says the next flagship Samsung will have a huge battery

Samsung has been busy with the effects of Galaxy Fold problems and the subsequent startup delay in recent weeks, but another (hopefully less buggy) smartphone is just around the corner. Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 10 this fall, but gaps in the upcoming flagship device have already dropped. And from this weekend we may know more about the Pro version of the phone. According to the Twitter player Ice Universe, the standard 4G model of the Galaxy Note 10 Pro comes with a 4,500 mAh battery. This is an upgrade of 500 mAh from the Galaxy Note 9’s of 2018 and is equivalent to the Galaxy S10 5G (which is the most accurate and expensive of the current S10 models) Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. The certification page shows that the model number of the battery is EB-BN975ABU. This coincidentally matches the model number of the 4G Note 10 Pro (SM-N975). We expect Samsung to launch four Galaxy Note 10 models this year. There are two 4G models and two 5G models with a standard 6.28-inch display and a 6.75-inch display for the Pro version. The design is also likely to reflect that of the Galaxy S10, featuring an infinity O-display and an in-display fingerprint sensor. Note 10 may also miss physical keys.

This wild and unique Alfa Romeo 4C is on sale

If for some reason the normal Alfa Romeo 4C does not seem cool enough for you, do not worry – we might have something better. This is a one-off, custom made 4C to be auctioned off at RM Sotheby’s on Lake Como next month. It has a flashy look with an aggressive version of the Alfa design language, and you can own it. Welcome to You Must Buy, our daily look at the cars you should really buy, instead of this boring commuter sedan Handicraft Construction 001 was built in 2018 after former FCA boss Sergio Marchionne had announced that it was not a successor to the current one Alfa Romeo 4C would give. The donor car was a 4C coupe that had previously traveled 40,000 kilometers. Designed by Umberto Palermo of Up Design, the body adds some disgruntled muscle to the Alfa mid-engined sports car. The headlights are similar to the Giulia sedan, while the rear is reminiscent of something Zagato. The wheels have been replaced by multi-spoke aftermarket units and the number of exhaust pipes has doubled from two to four. Underneath, the car is still a 4C. A 1.77-liter turbo inline-4 engine with 237 hp drives the rear wheels via a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The interior has two-tone premium leather and looks great.


The car will be auctioned on May 25 in Italian Lake Como at RM Sotheby’s Villa Erba. There’s no sales estimate, but given that this car is the only one of its kind, we’re counting on it being a bit more expensive than a normal 4C.